Farm (w/green tractor)

Dear neighbors and customers of High View Farm,

We have made the decision to down size and simplify our life . It is now time to sell our beautiful farm and in doing so, provide the opportunity for others to participate in the pleasures and joys of farm living. We want to thank you for your friendship and support over the years. It has been our pleasure to share our products with people that sincerely care about the welfare of animals and buying local, healthy food.

We will continue to support sustainable agriculture and the local, artisan food movement where ever our new adventure takes us. Our only hope is that the next owners of High View Farm will experience the same pleasure in the changing of the seasons and the satisfaction of contributing to a better world that comes with farming.


Linda Geren and Michael McKay

If you are interested in becoming the new owner of High View Farm please follow this link to see more photos of the farm and find important details about the farm: MLS# 6454651 listed at ERA Distinctive Properties

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